None of my Gauges work!!! HELP!!!

None of my Gauges work!!! HELP!!!


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Well I replaced the dash and all the gauges and now nothing works at all. The PO before me put in a painless wiring harness. I took pictures and matched everything up and Damn if nothing works except the lights inside the gauges. :( Please help I am lost now :confused: I have a voltmeter and I don't know how to use it. I have watched several videos but that hasn't help. I also have a test light and use it all the time. Thank you Thank you
Only thing I can say would be is to check for power to the gauges (fuse)then make sure they have a ground. A test light works great for just checking power feeds.
Im hoping to get on mine today and figure out why I have gauges but no power to the dash lights!
I couldn't find a fuse for that on the fuse box any suggestion where else I would look for that fuse

Thank you :notworthy:
the power for the gauges comes from the accessory circuit and the sensors for the gauges is the ground. The accessory circuit comes through the ignition switch to the fuse block. With after market wiring it's difficult to say which fuse is the accessory fuse.:D
Your just gonna have to get in there and trace wires and see whats working. Never can tell who clipped and spliced into what for power you just will have to put some time into it.
The dash needs a good ground. Try a ground wire from one of the speedo mount studs to the body. You can check for a good ground by connecting your test light to battery + ,then probing the dash metal. It should light brightly. Try this link.....

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