Not getting fuel?????

Not getting fuel?????


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Ok all of a sudden my jeep won't crank. The fuel filter is empty. So, I have dropped the fuel tank again. Blew out the sending unit lines. Ran a new fuel line. I put a new fuel pump on. I ran a line down to a gas can under the fuel pump and it immediately filled the filter up ccranked and ran fine. Thats when I ran a new fuel line. FIlled the tank half way cranked it up and as soon as it ran the gas out of the carb and filter it went dead. It won't crank up and theirs no fuel in the filter.
It's somewhere from the fuel pump back. I know the lines is new, so are the tubes in the ending unit.
Did you replace the filter (screen) in the tank?
Yea it's a brand new screen on the end of the pickup, i'm wondering if thats it?
Maybe an air pocket in the line, disconnect the line into the fuel pump and siphon until you get a fuel flow.
Yea it's a brand new screen on the end of the pickup, i'm wondering if thats it?

Never know it might not have a hole all the way through.:eek:
I think old dog means that the pick-up tube may be plugged:confused:, not sure. Or maybe the pick-up tube has a hole in it up above the half full mark alowing air to be sucked in:confused:.
The metal tube it slides over goes down to within an inch of the bottom of the tank. I'm gonna try some more stuff today and see what happens.
:laugh:I feel like an idiot!!!!! The hose clamp on the sending unit was loose. Now if I can get this axle fiasco out of the way

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