Oil Additives?

Oil Additives?


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1979 CJ-5 Renegade with '74 304 V8 & Edelbrock manifold & carb, Heddman headers & sidepipes, T-150 3 speed, Dana 20, Dana 30, AMC 20
Hi folks. My 1979 CJ has a rebuilt 1974 304 in it. In 2 years and 1,500 miles the oil still reads full on the stick. However, under the engine you can see small oil leaks. Is it worth adding a qt of gasket sealer at the next oil change and if so, which one? Or should I just get over it since it still reads full? Thanks guys.
I wouldn't use the oil additive to stop a leak.
Can you find out where the leak is?
I agree, not on a fresh build esp...

look up the oil pan and valve cover torque specs and gradually ck all the fasteners... Start in center and use cirlce pattern to the outside edges. Snug up gradually and then repeat... many times this is the cause of leaks esp on a fresh build....

Fresh Build
Change oil after 50-100 miles
Change oil again after 500-1000 miles

Moisture and Acids are in the oil.... not a good idea to leave in there that long... you are due for oil change... I store my CJ for MN Winters and store it with clean oil / filter so the junk does not settle out in my engine...

You are due to change your oil, over due...

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