oil to fix botched wax job?

oil to fix botched wax job?

Kiowa Flier

1959 CJ-5
F 4-134 engine
Transmission T-90
Transfer Case Model 18
Front axle differential Model 25
Rear axle differential Model 44
Military tires 7.00 x 16
My CJ5 is painted flat olive drab. Unfortunately, one of the prior owners thought waxing the flat paint was a good idea, so the jeep has a whitish haze, almost like it's been bleached by the sun. But this weekend while changing the oil, I touched the paint with oily hands and realized it made the paint look great again. Even after washing the oil off with soapy water, that spot looked great. Is there any reason I shouldn't just rub a bit of oil all over the jeep and wipe it off so the paint looks good again?
I use baby oil on my jeep. I've been told it will ruin the paint but it sure does look good and I've been using it for about 3 years. However I don't have flat paint so we may be talking apples and oranges.
What about Armor All?
Seems like most of the Armor All products are advertised as being "gentle enough not to remove the wax." I'm not sure if there's still wax on the paint or if the wax damaged the paint...it doesn't really wash off.
You might try WD40. I use it all the time on faded/oxidized painted metal windows and it works like a charm.
Sounds like oxidation.
You need to remove the wax. Try some coleman fuel in a spot and see what happens. Look at the rag too when your done to see what's on it.

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