Ouch! Bad storm last night!

Ouch! Bad storm last night!


Central FL
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We had one hell of a storm pass through last night!

I was at home listening to my scanner (in the dark - no power :mad:) when I heard a call come in about power lines down and debris in the road. After a few moments they said the general location and I couldn't believe it! It was my friends shop where I have my Jeep body and other things!

I called him and he hauled A BAD WORD down there! The roof had been pealed completely off (40' x 80') and then blown up on top of a bridge that was next to it! The power pole with the transformer had been snapped about 6' above the ground! What a mess... The inside of the shop is soaked and stuff is every where. :(

It also took my Jeep body and blew it about 20'. :( Thankfully I have not yet uncrated it so it looks like there was no damage. :)

About the only good thing about last night is that the roof was leaking anyway, now insurance will pay for a new one! :notworthy:

And, the shop next door is a roofing company, they were nice enough to come out with their fork lift and help shore up the building as well as tarp the whole thing! Gotta love small town's and the small town mentality!
I read the thread title and my first thought was you pissed your wife off too ;). Unfortunatly, its still stormy here..... Glad to hear your Jeep body is OK
Too bad about the shop but the Jeep body is ok!!:) I understand the small town thing. I see it a lot here where I live being on a island in the middle of nowere.
sorry to here about your buddies shop :(

Glad the jeep body is ok.
NOW, get it on before something else happens (thats a sign your taking to long):D
Too bad about the shop but the Jeep body is ok!!:) I understand the small town thing. I see it a lot here where I live being on a island in the middle of nowere.
Whoa...another island guy...I live on an island too. My island is better though...we have deer, and small harmless bears...and these big black snakes that will shoot you full of poison if they get half a chance....plus a whole range of Japanese type monster bugs that all bite...some of them even fly and bite at the same time. There's a colony of Osprey that hang out and carry off small kittens (this is good)...giant toads that scare the hell out of my wife plus their little green tree frogs cousins that scare the wife even more. Skitters everywhere...little bastards....I hate skitters almost as much as I hate giant horse flys. Our state tree is a Camaro wrapped around a telephone pole..state activity is doing anything just so long as you say 'Yee Haaa' before you do it. One bad thing about my island is that it sometimes becomes a non-island...pesky hurricanes show up and before you know, we're all wondering where the land went. To counteract this nasty habit, we live on pilings with lots and lots of stairs. I hate stairs.

Come to think of it...island living sucks.:(
Whoa Shamrock 2 words for ya: De-Caff :D
But your rock sounds just like my rock except our state trees are pickups wrapped around light poles.
Another storm! :dung: we had a bunch of rain and lightning!!! It was dark outside when this image was taken... :)
So is the new tub still in one piece?:laugh::oops:
New storm tonight...

One pic before the lightning strike and one as it happened! Ouch! This thing was LOUD!!!


Wow! Thats weird! We had a good storm come thru late last night also. Had one BIG clap of thunder right as the lightning flash woke me up. The thunder shook every window in the house. Wonder if it was the same one? :)
Has it stopped raining in GA yet? I would start getting scared... 40 days, 40 nights...

Seen any animals in pairs? ;)

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