Painless being a PAIN!!!!

Painless being a PAIN!!!!


lexington, ky
1973 cj5
First off, I'm new to jeep's. I traded my Pontiac Lemans for a 73 CJ5, after I got it I realized the engine was blown, bummer but I wasted no time in getting a running 360 out of a 89 wagoneer. Here in lies the problem. The Jeep has a Painless wiring harness and for the life of me I can not get the solenoid, or the alt figured out. It really seems like they are both overloaded with wires. I've looked at all of the diagrams but they seem to conflict with the Painless manual. Im just looking for small fixes here. The alt is out of a Chevy and has the internal regulator. Is there a conversion i can do that has a starter mounted solenoid? If anyone is in Ky feel free to come take a look.
Trying to compare diagrams will get confusing.Stick with the one from Painless and call them.Their supposed to have good support even on conversions.
it really doesn't matter whether its painless or stock, the alternator and solenoid will have to have the same connections in order for them to function properly. the only thing you will need to know is which wire goes where. if you have this alternator and this starter solenoid this is how it should be wired you need to figure out which wires from the harness go where in relation to the diagrams i gave you
Hey guys thanks for the advice. Yea I started realizing that every schematic is just a bit different if not totally backwards, I'm glad to know it's not just me.... I may have figured out our problem I talked to a Painless rep yesterday and it seem we were using the wrong diagram. I was looking at a 10110 instead of the 10105 like I should have been. The father in law and I are tackling the harness today to see if we can get everything figured out now. I will make sure to let you guys know if we got it or not. btw here are some pics of the engine wiring that I was having problems with.

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