Paint please Help

Paint please Help


Valley falls
Well i own a 1984 CJ7 jeep. its ot 28, 000 original miles. my dad had a company vehicle and it was garaged the whole time. i am Curently looking into getting it repainted. i am not sure whether or not i want new metal. there are no holes and it has a solid frame but there are some spots where rocks have kicked up and now there is surface rust. so here are my questions.

1) Should i use body panels/ new metal or have it sandblasted

2) i was told 3000 to repaint it and have it sandblasted and repainted red( the origanal color) is that an off price for just the exterior

3 What do you think you would pay to have it taken apart for a good original looking paint job?\

Thanks Kevin
If you have solid original sheet metal you want to keep it! Have it striped or do it yourself, Me I went thru 3 gal. of Jasco premium paint remover and 2 boxes of rubber gloves to get to bare metal from original and one repaint on the Jeep.
I talked to my local hot rod respected shop about spraying my tub and peices that I prepped and they told me $2500 min. if I did my job prepping. Inside/outside/underside , body off.
To pay someone to remove the body and prep I guess it would depend on how hungry people are in your area but be sure it is no small job and although not "Rocket Surgery" it is very time consuming.
I ended up doing the whole job myself and paint alone was nearly 2K for top quality PPG epoxy.
Thanks for your input. You might not of known this but i am a 15 year old kid almost 16 so honestly ive never done any sort of painting and i dont have a place to paint. so i need to hire someone. the serverity of the rust aint to bad. its just at the windsheild corner and the door panel and the back rounded panels. other than that theres little dots. my biggest concern is that i would pay serious bucks and then the next year i get new rust. so you think i would be safer with new metal (welds mean rust) or sandblasting its really a tuff area
New panels are not of the same quality imo. That said if the original is shot then maybe no choice. At almost 16 you have the time to learn to do this and I would assume not the money to pay others to do it for you.
Ya some areas will need some blasting after stripping and some metal may need replacing or repairing for sure.
New metal not prepped and not primed correctly will rust just the same as old.
yah well my dad might be able to help out. i think that from the looks of it ill have it blasted and 2 new pieces of metal in the back where the tub wraps around. that area has the most surface rust but idk how much a shop would charge for that. thanks for your help its appreciated
If its not to late to make a suggestion... I work on cars in the collision industry. Firstly If you dont have serious rust you dont need to have anything replaced. Surface rust can easily be taken down and converted/ primed to where you will never see it again. Second sandblasting is WAY over rated! It warps your metal and sometimes will only make things worse. Thirdly and most importantly you need to ask yourself what are you going to do with this jeep? You gonna just cruise around or see some trails. For your age and income (comparing to where i was) there are high school auto programs that are more then happy to undertake a project like that and will only charge you materials. Is it the best job? no Will it last forever? no But it will protect the body and look presentable until you have the time and resources to truly do what you wish for the vehicle... Just my 2 cents
just a warning paint is expensive especially if youre having somebody else paint it, your price is going to depend highly on the quality of the paint but for something like youve got i would recomend not scimping in the paint department for high quality paint being that its red i would say somewhere around a thousand on materials alone and the labors gonna be pricy if youre gonna have a professional job done which i would recomend count on close to a thousand for just the exterior panels and even more for door jambs and the engine compartment, most collision shops usually dont deal with vehicles that old but truly professional shops can do a little research and figure up a fair price or you might consider a strictly restoration shop which is probably gonna cost you a little more
I think the big question here is if you are restoring, or just trying to make it looks nice. As stated earlier, surface rust can be handled, without replacing body panels. If you are never going to off road it, just have those certain areas addressed for now, and when you have time/moey/experience, worry about the tub as a whole.
If you weren't so far I would offer you some help ,
Take your time prep it to be painted addressing all the surface rust issues
than just bring it to maaco for a good clean paint job that looks good and it wont kill your wallet $3000. for a 16 year old is like your life's savings remember it a jeep
If its not a restore don't spend that kind of money your 16 spend it on your girlfriend and have fun you have the rest of your life to spend money on your jeep
$10,000. invested so far and about another $5000. to go in no means are they cheap
Still waiting on new hood
rims tires
center floor pan
When you get older have a good income you could do something like this
just think this is what I started with :chug:
good luck with your jeep
remember they get addicting
j = just
e = eat
e = every
p = penny
Just go single stage, that way if you spray it and it turns out "dry" or bad your not out to much green.

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