painting a hardtop

painting a hardtop


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I'm not new to painting but looking at this hardtop with the texture it has and the doors how did yall prep that surface? I notice it's chipping off my doors in places. It's not exactly a smooth surface.
Years ago, I did the same thing..
Had the tub at a paint shop and decided to lose the texture and have him shoot it with the same color as the body.

I "thought" i had it sanded and prepped perfectly, however, when the gloss was shot on it, apparently I had sanded waves into it. It looked ridiculous and hasnt been put back on the jeep since. Its still sitting in the back yard.

A couple weeks ago I began thinking about putting a texture BACK ON...... Wish I hadnt sanded it off to begin with.

How did yours turn out? Ever sand/paint it.?
I haven't done anything to it yet. I'd like to keep that textured look though. When I do I'll post.
On boats there is a non-skid pattern. Most of the guys who paint decks will use a product like AJAX scouring and then follow up with a 3M Pad. This typically preps the decks well, they were using Sterling or Awlgrip 2 part urethane paints.
I have some repairs to make on my top and was wondering how to keep the texture.

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