Painting my CJ5

Painting my CJ5


Cleveland, Ohio
1960 CJ5, Chevy 350, m-21 trans, Dana 20, Dana 44, and 30. Chevy power steering. 6 point roll cage, front receiver bumper.
I am about to paint my CJ5 . If I use acrylic emanel to spray it with I should get a decent paint job yes er no? The outside of the jeep's paint is in bad shape, I figured I could go fairly cheap with the enamel as compared to a laquer paint. and then get it good in a couple of years when the finances are looking better(I hope). I am fixing all the rusty spots, 90% surface rust. The only bondo is on the front fenders were they brazed metal to fix were the middle supports are, and where they replaced a panel on the passenger side but did not seal it very well.
I think I may even replace the front fenders when I repaint it in a few years.
Do the earlier straight fenders fit on a 1960, like the old military ones? I saw some on craiglist that had never been installed for $200 for the pair, still primed and rapped in plastic. And seeing what they cost on the web else where I know that is a steel now.
Like I said I have a tight budget now as the daughter is about to start college so I figure in 4-5 years she should be done with that, unless she really soes go to med school then all bets are off.:(
Yes AE is good. Take a HI-Powered pressure cleaner and shoot the jeep (it helps get the old paint off) then sand it w/180, then wet sand w/300/320, 400, 800 & if U really want to get crazy and a good finish go w/1000. Wipe down w/DENATURED alcohol and paint. U will be surprised at the results and won't have to do it again next yr. May want to shoot the inside w/U-POL raptor :)
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Hey Rolbar, thank you sooo much. I am not the painting expert, I have painted some shutters with the sprayer that my brother-in-law thought were brand new. that is what turned him onto the HVLP sprayer.
U R welcome.

This is 1955 mix of OD from MidWest Military number 23070. Now, this is straight Enamel and semi-gloss. The AE is harder and will stand up to a better beating but I can just whip out a spray can and touch up where U can't.



Wet look & motivational pictures :)



WOW That looks GREAT!!! I did not think that it would look that good and being semi gloss as well. Ok I am sold on the idea %100. How much did your paint cost? I have been tossing around the OD idea as it just seems natural, but I found safety gloss yellow enamel for $15 a gallon, as they painted a building and have three gallons left over. It is name brand "premium" industrial safety yellow gloss enamel paint. So my cheap self is kinda leaning that way, and as I understand it it is fairly easy to go from light to dark when painting.
Paint cost 65 bucks a gallon, only used two Qts by the time U reduce it and all.
Wow, Rollbar, what a fantastic work.

Did you rebuild it all alone or did you have help from some friends?

It looks like new, can I have it?
This is how I got it. The PO blew the engine & started a frame off restore and this is how far he got so I picked it up in this condition.

HEHE thats what mine looks like right now, I hope it comes out as nice as yours!

Ask me in a few years when its all done....
Do you use it off road? just go simple when taking care of the rust spots and there is something that you spray on the bottom of the vehicle for off roaders i forgot the name but I was looking into it for my truck when I was in Florida because there is a lot of mud there. Good job to the semi-gloss by the way. :chug:
Yep for DD/Off-road. will need to finish my rear DShaft and a few other things but she will be reay soon.

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