Parking brake won't set

Parking brake won't set


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I have had an issue with my parking brake since I bought it. When I push the pedal to the floor I don't get any ratching sounds and the pedal won't stay down most of the time, sometimes if i wiggle the pedal side to side I can get it to stay. I have tried spraying it down with WD-40 with no luck. I also can't find any drawings of the system so I can figure out what exactly the problem can be.

Thanks again for your help
I have had a few pedal assemblies go bad on me. I just find another used one and replace it.
Try Smith's 4x4, they're right up the road. I bet they've got some laying around.

Smith's 4x4 parts
747 Route 32
North Franklin, CT 06254
(860) 642-7571
Try Smith's 4x4, they're right up the road. I bet they've got some laying around.

Smith's 4x4 parts
747 Route 32
North Franklin, CT 06254
(860) 642-7571

That's where my Jeep started life, as a stripped frame. :D
I had a little free time today and was able to crawl under the Jeep and start fiddling with the Parking Brake. This is what I found. After dissconnecting the pedal from the Firewall. (Which wasn't easy) I discovered that the cable that runs from the pedal to the adjuster doesn't slide freely in the casing. Is this what is supposed to happen? Second when I pull on the cable at the adjuster only the drivers side moves freely. Passenger side cable dosen't budge. I assume that cable will need replaced. I also found out that the pedal does work better but there is a little slop. Should there be any side to side movement with the pedal? I have attached a couple images that may contribute to the slop.
I honestly don't know about the gap in the assembly, as i just :dung: can my worn ones and replace them. Here is what I believe may happen to cause this. The cable (any one of them) will become coroded inside, and stick, causing the pedal to be stressed beyond it's design. When only one cable is not working, like one of the cables going from the splitter to a wheel, you may not notice except that it may seem a bit harder to push on the pedal. If the front cable from the pedal to the splitter is frozen, you will see it right away, but may still punch down on the pedal trying to set the brakes. Either way, the pedal assembly will take the brunt of the work, and simply start to fall apart. I can only assume that yours is feeling that hard use, and is coming apart. Looks like you'll have to replace the cables and the pedal assembly to cure it.
You hit it on the head coldwater. JS and I looked at it today and the cable from the pedal to the adjuster doesn't move, neither does the cable from the adjuster to the passenger side. I told him to replace all three cables, his pedal assembly will probably work fine once he gets the new cables in there. But, if he can pick up a good pedal assembly for cheap, might as well replace it while he's at it.
I replaced the Brake assembly today. I was able to use some PB Blaster on the front cable and was able to get it to free up. As for the passenger brake cable still wont budge. I haven't been brave enough to but her up on jack stands and give the brakes a good look over. I always remembered the covers for drum brakes were a royal pain in the
I saw a sign the other day for a free brake inspection was thinking of letting them take a look at the brakes tell me what was wrong then go out and fix them myself
Nah, their not too bad. Just invest a few bucks in a brake tool to make the job a bit easier. just for the hell of it pick up new shoes and hardware kits and do abrake job while it's apart. The cable is as simple as it gets to replace, just pop the old one out, and pop the new one in. clean the backing plate up and use a little dab of white grease where the shoe rides on the plate.

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