Picking on CJ video

Picking on CJ video


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Blounts Creek NC
1985 cj8 streched to 118in wheel base, shackle reversal soa, chevy vortec 350, turbo 350, dana 60 front and corp 14 rear, custom bumpers front and rear

2006 Ford F350 CCLB with the dreaded 6.0 that has given me no problems
Just poking fun hope it doesnt piss anyone off

Episode Cj

it just the rough draft still needs some work

ROTFLMAO!!! :laugh:

That is great!!! :)

Anyone who can't laugh at himself is a putz!

Two Ton Tina and the Waffle house! 'She made my springs sag!' :laugh:

Can't wait for the next episode!
OMFG! that was great...Cj a rocket scientist...thats the greatest line I've ever heard!

Oh wait...He is one, ain't he?? :laugh:
that was great.:laugh:
Holy :dung: that was funny! Until I found out CJ stole tina from me!:D
Where do you sleep? Her fat A BAD WORD takes up the entire bed... OH! You are on top...
I spent an hour searching for this, so I had to bring it back to the top of the pile. I think this needs to stay on as a classic and immortalize fishingfool98!
Oh dear, I had to go clean the tears off my glasses. :notworthy::notworthy:

Makes me wonder though, does enzite work on Jeeps?:grinjeep:
Im not. I am still pissed at Tina and her fat A BAD WORD for taking my CJ from me...
Forgot all about that!!
Thanks for digging it up im about to get ready to make some more
LOL - You never got the Mod payment check? Damn PO!

BTW - I know that's not me, :) I can't hang out at the bowling alley... :( Some thing about a trespassing warrant and bowling overhand! Long story... :laugh:

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