Pipes froze

Pipes froze


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This morning I got a unexpected surprise the water pump for the house froze last night. :( Going to take a shower and no water, went out and checked the tank and it was a third full. (up here we get our water off the roof of the house and it goes into a water tank, we get a lot of rain here).

Izz and me get under the house and find that it had frozen enough to push one of the fittings in the pump out. Got all the valves shut down and got a heater on the pump to unfreeze it. Now it is a trip into town to get the parts to fix the pipes so the water will flow.

I got the parts and a heat cord for the pipes total of 40 bucks. Returned home and put the part in and opened up all the valves and got the heat tape installed. Turned on the pump and water is flowing again. I wish I was on public water sometimes, no water pump.

This was a good wast of a morning.
Know the feeling, I run a heat lamp in the pump house most of the winter.

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