plastic molded speaker boxes - intra pod quad pod etc

plastic molded speaker boxes - intra pod quad pod etc


86 CJ7 Laredo Black
The Jeep was totally gone thru, 124k original miles on body,
New Crate engine and Trans, Weber Carb, Interior replaced back to stock, Dana 44 Rear, Dana 35 Front, 2.5 " Suspension Lift 1" body 33-12.50 Tires on Mickey Thompson Wheels, New Dupont Paint
does anyone have these,
they are not cheap, I have heard wonderful things from like the MTX thunder forms which is basically the same thing but MTX's version,
I had planned on buying the intrapod which is the console, with an 8in sub and a place for an amp, and the quad pods, it holds a 6.5 and an 8in sub ea,
Personally I am buying them as enclosures and running JL audio in mine, im not knocking anyone who bought them with speakers and amps,
I got a cousin with a JL audio shop so I can get them for the price of basically wal mart speakers,
When i bought the jeep its got the 6x9's on the roll bar at the floorboard near the back seat, I havent decided what I am going to do yet,
More than likely Ill have 4 normal speakers hooked to my radio to begin with till i get it all planned out, things hidden or put as safely as possible.

But 2 questions,
1- what size speaker is in the dash?

2- has anyone had any experience with the plastic boxes, do you like wood better?
Ive noticed lots of people have been using fairly thick plywood as opposed to particle board and then putting herculiner on it or one of its competitors,
I kinda liked the plastic boxes cause they are out of the way and, if I wanted I could easily move the quadpod if i needed room and another thing the most people ever that I would take on a trip currently is my girl and myself so I would just pop the rear seat out,
but im more worried about sound quality and the places selling the poly form boxes as well as the wooden boxes are both going to say theirs is the best,
Looking for opinions,

One thing thats got me leaning toward the plastic is almost 90 some odd percent of the stealth boxes from any company are molded plastic:confused:
no experience with plastic boxes here....but they prefer MDF board i believe it is for its density and acoustic properties for building enclosures. im not sure how the plastic would sound....what kind of plastic? i would think a real powerful sub would potentially crack plastic depending upon what type of course.
I recently installed two 5.25" speakers in a centra-pod and like it fine. I'm not an audiophile and can barely hear anything over my headers and sidepipes but it is a nice looking and easy set-up. These are in addition to two 6x9's on the wheel wells. I think there are pics in my gallery.

I notice you have a later CJ so it will probably fit fine for you, but my 1979 required me to remove a small plastic piece from the very bottom of the heater to get the enclosure pushed far enough back.

For 60.00 shipped from Crutchfield, it was a bargain. Hope this helps.

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