Please help with weber carb

Please help with weber carb


Northern Kentucky
84 CJ7 with 2.5 liter 4 cylinder. T4 and dana 300. Tow vehicle 08 F250 Powerstroke 4x4
Can anyone help me understand the difference bewtween the different model 32/36 weber carbs. ex. 551 or 552 or DGAV or DGEV. I think that is what I need on my amc 150 4 banger. I have seen a couple of them for sale on craiglist but but they werent actually on a jeep. One was on an pld toyota landcrusier, and the other was on an old datsun truck. Are they all the same, and just use different adapter plates that bolt on or what. My 4 banger is in the process of being desmogged so the original carb isnt going to cut it. Unless someone knows a way of reusing it? Can someone please clarify this for me. I want to buy a used weber but cant find the answer im looking for.

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