Pls HELP: Weber WK551-38 install

Pls HELP: Weber WK551-38 install


Central Colorado - elev. 10,000'
HIS vehicle:
83 CJ-7 258/(OEM) 2 bbl w/E-choke
xmsn: Warner T-5? no mods
x/c: Dana 300?
both axles are OEM
'83 CJ7 258 w/OEM 2bbl & E-choke.
I think I've read all the threads/posts regarding this & for that warm fuzzy,
would anyone be so kind as to offer any advice?

• I'm under the impression that the stepper motor can be removed, and all
the flippin' spaghetti tossed. (Dang. I remember when I could install a carb and there were only 2 connections: fuel & throttle linkage. Sheesh!)
And...maybe keep a vacuum line or two (PCV and distributor)?

• As I've only verified parts (carb kit, Holley regulator, & Jet Pack) being delivered, does anyone have any suggestions on the carb linkage? (The stock linkage (driver's side of engine) does not operate in the same axis (plane, direction, orientation...WHATever), as the Weber (rear of engine)... • so are there sufficient parts in the kit to actuate the Weber throttle control?

• While I'm on the Weber wagon...I live at 10,000' elevation. Should I start with the Weber factory installed jets, or is there anyone out there (who has changed jets for high elevation) that would please offer some suggestions? (I have the Redline 701DGS4a jet pack.)

• And...any ignition mods anyone care to recommend? I recall Mallory, Accel & MSD (are they still around or do ya'll now know I'm an old fart?)...
I'm just looking for some better spark, no racing intended.

Sorry for being long-winded. Thanks in advance for any help.

Enjoy your day.

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