POR15 & Herculiner

POR15 & Herculiner


South Carolina
I have my interior completely stripped down and I'm currenlty scuffing it up to get a good bond. There is some rust. I'm thinking about apply the POR15 then putting down the Herculiner. Will the herculiner bond ontop of the POR15? Assuming it will bond, if I put the POR15 down will I need to go back and scourer it up again before applying the herculiner ontop of it? Thanks!
I, too, applied POR 15 and as it reacts to sunlight, I topped it with their Chassis Black. I live in the desert of Southern California and a colleague told me that the spray on bed liners get tacky-sticky due to the heat and sun.

My 1975 CJ5 came equipped with carpeting that snaps into place. Using the old as a template, I had another set created. I can simply unsnap a piece, shake it free of dirt and reattach. It not only looks GREAT and feels good under foot, I noticed a difference in sound levels despite being in a totally open vehicle.

Personally, I would stick with the POR15 products and skip Herculiner.

Best success with your project !
You need to choose either one. There is no need to put the POR-15 in if you put the Herculiner in, or vice-versa. I lived in VA Beach for a while, and never had an issue with the Herculiner getting sticky For the interior, I would just do the Herculiner, and use the POR-15 on the undercoating and the chassis.
I wanted to put the por15 down to neutalize the rust on the floor board using the metal ready spray then painting on the por15. I want a bedliner for grip to prevent objects from rolling around. My question is will the herculiner stick on top of the por 15? Do I need to put the herculiner on top while the POR15 hasn't fully dried or do I wait until it dries up and scour it before putting the herc on? Thanks.
The proper method is prep the surface, then POR-15 it let it cure/offgas after a few days/week what ever, scuff it like you would paint so it's not shiney then clean it good, denatured alcohol works nice, then roll a thin coat of herc when it's tacky lay down a thicker coat, repeat until desired thickness it reached.

I've done this method many times and it works great.

You put herc down over rust and your goona be sorry.
Por-15 with chassis black is nice but it's just shiney and black.

I por-15 and herc if i'm on the cheap, or por-15 and raptor liner if I have more cash.
Hi everybody this is my first post but I did this same thing on my 86 I called por15 and herculiner and both said to scuff the por15 and use a self etching primer I did all of this and it adhered good and looks good by the way I used por15 primer

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