1974 cj5 currently in process of body off restoration and installing fiberglass tub
hey guys im prepping my frame for my 74 CJ5. I am planning on using por15 marine clean and then por 15 rust paint and then the chassis coat. Are there any other steps that need to be taken? Has anyone used this product before? Did you like it? Do you know aproximately how much i will need to coat the frame and suspension components(leaf springs, axles, etc.)?
I got a quart and 6 little mini cans.

That did the frame, axles, skidpan and misc parts.

The prep etches the steel and helps it bond. THe Prep is pretty cheap. Look for the kits on eBay.
hope not to late. this stuff is awsome. As long as the frame is clean from grease and grime you dont need any of that other garbage. If you spray it should only need about a quart. As long as its only the frame

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