Power Steering Coupling Kit Needed!!!

Power Steering Coupling Kit Needed!!!


Tiffin, Ohio
1974 CJ 5, 6 cyl 3 speed, AMC 20 Rear, Dana 30 Front
I just got a "new to me" stering box. I have it just about all ready to put on but I need a new stering coupler that attached the gear box to the steering column. I had to replace my gear box because the splines that the coupler attaches to were gone. I dont want to put on the old one because it is tore up and the boot is ripped. I've checked several places including ebay and can not find the kit for under $40 and then theres at leats a $10 to $15 in shipping. Anyone know of where I could find one cheaper? Or does anyone have a good spare that I could buy/trade or have? Let me know. Thanks.
If you want a cheaper "used" one but maybe in better condition, try Mike (mylittlecj5) here with texomajeeps : http://www.jeep-cj.com/forums/f49/thank-you-texomajeeps-com-11818/#post94835

I seen a link to one not too long ago, but it was around the $$ you're talking about.

But when you are talking about one of the main things to control your vehicle while in motion... 40 - 60.00 is not really all that bad for peace of mind... :cool:

Of course that's my own 2c if you know what I mean...

Edit: there's this: http://www.quadratec.com/products/56107_01.htm


~ JR
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It should work - if in doubt, give Morris a call. That is the kit I have used for years on pre 76 CJ's.
I have a brand new one that I ended up not using. I would sell it for $30 plus shipping which I would think would be $5 -$7 through USPS. Just let me know.

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