priming a rebuilt 304

priming a rebuilt 304


E. Tenn
1984 CJ7 258 w/T176
Hello all, I primed the oil pump with pet. jelly and made a modified primer tool out of a long flat screwdriver and a socket. This is a rebuild engine that I bought from an older man that used to work for AMC years ago. I originally had a plastic plug on the oil sender fitting and forgot about it and turned it over with the primer tool with a cordless drill a few times. The pressure shot the plastic plug out and WHAMMO oil all over the floor! Anyway, went to hardware store and got the correct brass fitting and hooked up the oil pressure gauge. Turned it over with the drill again and it slowly went up to 60psi and after about 30 seconds oil started barely seeping from most of the push rods. I stopped turning it and looked inside the fuel pump opening and saw oil coming in on the cam gear. I would assume it is now primed? I am using a purolator filter. It turns with just a little resistance on the drill but not a lot.

I was just curious how much oil comes out of the push rods and is it ready to set the distributor and start?? It kinda drizzled out of all but about 4 of the push rods. I assume when it is started the rpms will increase the amount on the rockers and everything else?

On motors I build I run the drill for a minute or more turn the motor 1/4 turn, run the drill again turn it another 1/4 turn do this tell you get a full 2 revolutions. This will ensure that the lifters and all the oil galleries are full of oil no air pockets. As for the oil coming out of the push rods they usually seep oil when the engine isn't turning over so that is normal.
Forgot to add when you do this it will make those 4 lifters pump up.
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By the time I get oil pressure my drill seems to really bog down. Can really feel and hear it.
Ya thats why I was concerned about the PO saying it didnt seem like much resistance.
After about 10 seconds on the drill I feel resistance but nothing to bog the drill down. Do you think I need to remove the bottom plate and pack/prime again? I found a YT video that showed a guy priming his and it would actually slip the clutch on his drill. I don't have near that resistance on mine.

Do you have an oil pressure gauge that you can install in the block? That is the only way to tell what kind of oil pressure your getting.
That's good oil pressure I wouldn't worrie about it bogging down the drill.
I agree. Thats the max you should see so I think you are good.

I wouldn't say mine bogs down but the tone changes significantly and you actually have to hold the drill from spinning.

Maybe you just have a wicked drill!

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