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Kenefick, TX
81 CJ7, 258 I6, D30, D300, D20, TF6 Auto, 95 YJ Rio Grande, 2.5L, AX5, 02 Dodge 2500 Diesel, 09 Prius (hers)
I think I have my priorities in order. The doors, side curtains, back curtains are off both Jeeps. The CJ and her Prius are parked in the garage/carport. The YJ and the Dodge PU were sitting outside. Big ole popup rain shower came through a couple of days ago, and the YJ ended up with wet seats and about an inch of water in the floor. So, this afternoon there's thunder in the distance. Move the Prius out and put the YJ undercover with the CJ. So now, I have about $30k in vehicles out in the weather, and two old Jeeps under cover. I love my Jeeps.
I'd say you've got it right!:chug:
Yup, my POS Scrambler and the CJ5 are tucked away in my garage and the Forester and new Tacoma live outside. Wouldn't have it any other way.
Yep, have to agree, my cj has lived in the garage since I brought it home.
There's been a few times one of the other vehicals sat outside though.:D
My CJ has the barn all to herself. The horses get the pasture when the CJs not using it.

The garage? Heck that's for fixing, not parking the cars.

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