pulling my rear axles

pulling my rear axles


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So if I read correctly, I put the brake drum on backwards and use that to pull my axles? I'm changing to the one piece axles.
That should work. They aren't in there too awful tight from what I remember. After the bolts are out theres nothing holding it in. You'll still need to have the bearing pressed off so you can retrieve your backing plate, but nothing else will be reused.
Yea that should do it. I used a slide hammer that actually threaded on where the hubs were splined but i don't think it was 100% necessary. You will need to get a bearing puller for that old bearing. Be sure that the company sent you the right bearings and seals with those one-piece axles. I did that about 2 years ago and started getting a sliding noise and found that the company sent the wrong bearings , but you couldnt tell because of the tolerance level. Needless to say the wheel started sliding against the break drum as soon as she started moving!! good luck to you!!

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