pulling right upon lifting off acc. 74 cj5

pulling right upon lifting off acc. 74 cj5


n.e. ohio
2000 silverado 2002 z06 w/mods 2009 impala [wife car]
when driving down a 4 lane road and getting off of gas pedal the front DARTS to the right and seams unsafe? WHY
Brakes could be an issue or it may be a suspension issue where the rear axle is moving around when you transition on and off the gas.

Id start with the brakes and then take a good look at the rear.

Does it feel funny when you go over bumps or anything?

How bout when you brake; does it pull then?
feels fine going forward but pulls to the right when putting on brakes
So you most likely have either a too tight right or too loose left. Its possible that you have a failed hose that is holding pressure on the right front or not allowing pressure to go to the left front. Further down the list is an axle that is moving around.

Start by jacking the front up and spinning both wheels. You should have just a slight drag; you'll hear and feel this while spinning the wheels. You should be able to spin them by hooking one or two fingers on the tire tread. It shouldn't take a lot of force and they should spin a little bit after you let go. If the right is dragging a lot more, try adjusting it out a little. It is possible the adjuster or brake hardware (springs, clips, etc) is frozen and you won't be able to adjust it, so you may have to pull the wheel/drum.

This is a good time to check wheel bearing play; if you're bearings are so loose that the wheel can move around that can cause a pull.

If the adjustment feels the same from side to side you, it'll be easiest to have a friend help you with the next check. Get the wheel(s) spinning and have him apply the brakes. You should see the wheels stop at approximately the same time. You can do this one wheel at a time, just guesstimate. Drum brakes as precise as disc and its about impossible to have very equal braking on all four corners.

If the left wheel doesnt seem to stop or the right hangs up AFTER apply the brake I'd crack the bleeders and look for equal brake fluid flow while applying the brake. A brake that locks up or drags alot AFTER applying the brakes can by a hydraulic problem or a problem with the hardware. To check the hydraulic system, crack the bleeder BEFORE he hits the brake. This way, you'll know if a collapsed brake hose is holding pressure on the right.

Just threw a ton of :dung: at you and forgive me if you are experienced at this.

I'd say its a very high chance that it's just an adjustment problem and you'll be able to make an adjustment and be good to go.

If its not and you have more questions about diagnosing a hydraulic issue, etc., we can go from there.

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