Push rod?

Push rod?


El Paso
1984 Cj-7, rebuilt 258i, Carb-Motorcraft 2150, TFI ignition, T-176, Dana 300, dana 30 in front, Rear Dana 44, 4in lift, 33in tires, 4:10 gears
another question when i first got my jeep.. one of my push rods towards the back was bent in like a shape of a z almost.. any reason to why that happened??
CJ7 258 5 speed
Jwill... Not quite sure what you mean by a 'push rod bent like a Z'? A shift rod for the trans? A shift rod for the transfer case? A push rod for the engine?

Can you give us some more information?
theres a link the the item below.. but yeah the one to the engine. i guess that connects to the valves, is that right?? when you open up the valve cover.

it wasnt straight.. bent like a Z or but not as harsh on the points..
maybe more like this ----\ _ _ _ hopefully my art helps ha

AutoZone.com | | Pushrod | PUSH ROD
That's not good, did you say your motor runs a little ruff? What engine are you running?
i guess the stock engine.. hmmmm.. yeah it was replaced.. but thats what i noticed after i had boughten it.. its a 258 inline
could one of the heads be blown?? i even get like i think its oil on like the 4th spark plug back.. im not sure if thats another problem i have :/
Like I ask before, does it run rough? I imagine it's missing on at least one cylinder. I don't want to scare you,but it sounds like severe piston to valve contact.:eek: I'd pull that #4 plug & do a compression test.
hmmm.. yeah it sounds like their is a miss some where.. would ther be other signs if there is that problem your tellin me :( aww shes broken.. grr.
.. and doing say a compression test to all my plugs tell me if there is a serious problem within?? can you tell i dont know much..
i wonder if thats why she kinda smokes to.. has a gas smell.. but im thinking thats my carb..
The compression test will tell you which cylinder your haveing a problem with. Also just taking the plugs out & looking at each one could tell you a lot. good luck.
sigh... so i had someone give it a compression test. he said two of the cylinders are gone.. and the carburetor is kinda in bad shape.. so i guess back to the drawing board huh.. ha always wanted to say that.. any ways yeah i never had a drawing board.. so i guess i need a new engine now. hmm.. not sure what to do now.. :censored::mad:
Bummer for sure. Any time you see a push rod bent like that the answer is never a good one. While losing your engine is never a good thing, you should be able to snag a pretty good 258 engine for just a few hundred dollars. It's an easy swap, as engine swaps go... And It's a great time to freshen up the clutch while you have it down. It's been a while, but I have done full 258 replacements in an easy day, while knockin back more than a few brews in the process.
yeah this kinda sucks..

so whats a few hundred dollars?? on snaggin another 258.. an over haul on this engine would be more expensive i imagine right??
Sorry to hear that Dude, But I was kind of expecting at least one cylinder to be toast. Just think what a chance to built that custom engine you've always dreamed of!:D I had a buddy here in town, just blew the motor in his SVT Cobra. He owes twenty Grand on the car & a new engine is eight grand, but it does come with the upgraded supercharger.:drool:
yeah this kinda sucks..

so whats a few hundred dollars?? on snaggin another 258.. an over haul on this engine would be more expensive i imagine right??

I see them on craigslist all over for $250-$300. You might look into a later model one. Could be a little better then what you have already for the same price?
And you couldn't build an engine for that unless you had someone supplying something (parts, or labor maybe) for free.

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