Quadra trac T case yoke

Quadra trac T case yoke


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I've got a simple q for anyone..

My Q-trac t-case is apart and going back together very soon and I had a question about the yokes at the rear and front. One one there is a "slinger" of some sort. I dont know if this is to keep excess mud,dirt out of the seal or what. The "slinger" (I'm prob misnaming this piece) was bent all to hell and just "floating" on the yoke.

I was told it prob isnt necessary, but since it is apart I figured I'd look for one for a couple of days before the T-case goes back together...

I have seen blow-aparts with the piece on the yoke and a few without it.

this is a pic of the cleaned up yoke with that piece sitting on it. Next to it is the one without the "slinger"

Is is replacable? necessary?

That is a protecter for the oil seal. You can do without but I would replace it if you can. Keeps junk/ dirt from tearing up the seal.
whats odd is that when I go to Morris 4 x 4 and look at a blowapart... The yokes on my T case have the "protector" on the rear yoke but not on the front one.... bizarre.

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