quadratrac rebuild

quadratrac rebuild


Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
79 cj7, stock (for now) turbo 400 tranny, straight 6, with quadratrac transfer.... 79 cj7 stock with staight 6, t-18 tranny (I think), model 20 transfer,...... 69 cj5, dauntless v-6 t-18 transfer....(last 2 are not running)
Hey fellows. I'm about to replace the chain on my quadratrac. Any advice on which one is best. Has anyone used the Napa chain? Are the Mile Marker emergency drive diaphram valves any good ($35)? Any info would be appreciated.
I used a NAPA chain in a QT that we rebuilt once, never had any problems. Never used a Mile Marker diaphragm. Is supposed to be better then stock? Since it's just a vacuum operated diaphragm, not sure how it would be better, or is it just an OEM replacement?
Thanks CJ. I just found NAPA no longer offers it. I found one made by CROWN. I'm going to try that one.

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