Question about rubber stops on CJ.

Question about rubber stops on CJ.


85 CJ 7 Straight 6, currently being lifted and tuned.
Can't find the rubber stops to buy for the spare tire stop and for the spare tire swing rack, anyone know where to get them. Can't find them on Discount Jeep or Quadratech.
I ran both sets of part numbers, and didnt find anything on the net via google, as in, they are obsolete, and there does not appear to be any supply at the moment, you may find different results.


Thanks, I was worried that was the case.
Take a look here. Might be something that will substitute.

I had the same problem. Found rubber plugs that are almost the same size and shape as the original stops. They are a solid piece of rubber had to drill the holes. Used the old ones as a pattern and was able to use the original screws. Found them at Lowes where the nuts and bolts bins, drawers are located. There is a drawer with different types of rubber plugs. You'll know which one it is when you see it. I will take photo of finished product and post tomorrow.
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Don't know if you can find them on thier website or not, I'll called and spoke to a real nice lady who knew exactly what I was looking for. They carry the little acorn rubber stops on the tire swing and the pieces for the latch too.
Homemade rubber stops.
McMaster Carr makes an almost identical replica of the OEM spare tire bumper, complete with a molded in steel washer. The problem is, they come in packs of 50.

You can find them on ebay from time to time for $15-20 shipped for a pack of (4)

I bought the 50 count from McMaster and have extras. Will sell for cheap to CJ'ers. PM me if interested.

Here they are installed on my 1982 Jamboree (#0050):
Still have some "rubber baby buggy bumpers"? I am in need of a set - Let me know what you need for them with shpg - I can send you cash or do the paypal thing, whatever you prefer-
Bryan, TX

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