Radiator Repair

Radiator Repair

Jasper Jeep

Patagonia, Arizona
'79 CJ7
My radiator has a small leak on the bottom tank. Its not a crack, its worn from rubbing against it broken bracket, maybe 2mmX10mm. (my fault, should have fixed the lose bracket long ago. Stich in time saves nine)
Anyway, I plan on replacing the radiator but am in a financial lean time until February so I would like to patch it and have use of the old boy.
Does anyone have any advice on soldering/brassing the hole? How to videos or write ups? Advice on materials?
I have welding experience but haven't brassed since high school, 20+ years.
And yes I know "google is my friend", but I prefer a conversation.
I'd try to soder it rather than braze it.
Coming from someone who the United States Air force trained in Aircraft welding.............Solder it.
X3 on the solder.
Thanks y'all.
That's the direction I was headed based on the google.
It also seems that's the way to go on reattaching the bracket.
I'll let you know how it went tomorrow.
When soldering as in any metal work get your work areas cleaned of paint and grease and as long as you have the right flux you should have little problem, also when soldering use only as much heat as needed to get the solder to flow otherwise you burn the flux and have trouble.
Job done, and so far so good.
Filled it up, ran it up to temp & topped it off before putting the cap on. Ran it for a while to get pressure and all seemed good. Didn't get a chance to go out for a ride.
Well see. But I am hopeful.
Thanks again for the replies.

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