radio wiring

radio wiring

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Penticton, BC
1983 cj7, 1947 cj2a
when i bought my CJ i didnt have a radio in it, i now would like to put one in it but i dont know where to start with wiring it up. could someone who has done this before help me out :confused:
If your talking about your 83 there should be a place in the fuse box for a radio wire.
yes it in my 83, ill go look on the fuse box
I'm not sure how wiring saavy you are. A stereo generally has two +12V inputs. One is a constant hot, in other words there is power there even when the key is off. This one draws a very low, but constant, amprage. This is the memory voltage, it keeps your clock running and your presets set. The other is the keyed +12V, this is the main power for the reciever and the amplifier for the speakers. You can always rewire the stereo, you only need three wires, the constant +12V, the keyed +12V and a ground. Generally there are places on your fuse blocks that you can use for the radio that are not currently being used, i.e. A/C and STEREO fuse slots.

DO NOT WIRE THE STEREO DIRECTLY TO THE BATTERY! Nothing good ever comes from wiring anything directly to the battery.
im new to wiring, ive been able to figure out my other problems. i think i get what your saying, how would i wire the fuse box, i dont have a radio yet to try it out, i wanted to make sure i could do it first. do you have any pictures?
No pics, I'm sorry. I'm just spouting off all of this off from memory. On most stereos, the constant +12V is a red wire, the memory +12V is yellow and ground is black. Don't wire the ground to the fuse block, just to a bolt on the firewall, that will be sufficient. Use a round terminal end, like this one;


And to wire the hot wires into the fuse block just use a spade terminal on the end of the wires and just plug them in to your fuse block, like this;


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