Re-Gearing AMC 20...

Re-Gearing AMC 20...


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I can't seem to figure out if I need to replace the carrier in my AMC20. I'm going from 3.54's to 4.56's, and installing a spool...
Installing a spool? That is a replacement for the carrier. Now they have mini-spools that fit into your carrier but if you are changing the gears you might as well put in the spool.
Are you sure you really want a spool? They offer the best traction but they are for off road use. I wouldn't use a spool if you are doing much street driving. How about a locker?
BTW you already have the carrier for the lower gears (numerically higher). The carrier break is down at 2.73.
Thanks, I thought I did but I couldn't figure out with out calling the gear company to confirm. I am told though when I do the front Dana 30 carrier and locker will need to be change. Is that correct? Spool is more predictable then a locker so that is the main reason I'm going with it. I bought it 5 years ago for 75 bucks which is another reason. I have it and it was cheap. Last note is the power to the rear axles is coming by way of a 4 banger. If I ever swap in an engine then I would most certainly remove the spool...
Don't buy a new carrier for the rear since the spool is a carrier.

What are you doing with the front? I assume you are just putting in the 4.56 gears. If so then you will also have to replace the front carrier. Are you planning on keeping the front an open differential.
The carrier break is simple. There's the 2.73 carrier, then there's the carrier for the rest (3.08-4.88).

But a spool replaces the carrier so it's a moot point.

A mini-spool on the other hand goes inside the carrier. If you have an open differential, you can just drop it in. If you have Limited slip, you'll have to get a new open carrier, at which point a full spool is cheaper and easier.
If your going with a spool in the rear I would go with a selectiable locker up front, which would be the best but the most expencive. Or you can go with a eaton Limited slip which is cheaper but not as good as a locker off road. I would stay away from a autolocker in the front. Just my opinion.:):chug:
My opinion is sell the spool and pick up a locker for it. You may have gotten the spool cheap, but you will pay for it over and over again in tire me.

I would never spool a rig unless it was a trail dedicated, trailered, weekend warrior...for that reason alone.

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