rear bumper/tire carrier

rear bumper/tire carrier


Sacramento CA.
Our Lil' rig isn't going to do any serious rock crawling, but it will see it's fair share of trails. The PO started to build this unit and told me " i didn't like the way it was turning out. You can take it if you want it. "

Sounded like an instant $ saver and a good first welding project for me. Here are some pics of it, let me know what you guys might change or do differently. I have ordered a pre-fabbed kit to bolt/tie in the bumper to the frame. Thanks in advance for the help!



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I would change out your piviot point for the tire carrier.
You could use something like this, Tire Carrier Swingout Heavy Duty Hinge Kit
It will support the weight of your tire better and will be easier to swing too.
First, thanks to Wildman for the tip. Bumper done and back from the powder coater.


AtoZ Fabrication HD spindle. This was the key to making this thing work properly.


the screw down closure looked to me to be the only way to keep it shut

couple of moto tie downs just to keep her upright and help with the load. Picking up my Smittybilt I-rack tomorrow for the jerry can and hi-lift.
Nice bumper! I would beef up that rear crossmember, they are prone to ripping off with bumpers and tire carryiers. I had to plate crossmember and welded angle iron from crossmember to frame. Almost lost my bumper and tire carrier. More welding practice for you!
Great looking bumper, Did you design it? I'm looking to get something just like it,how much material and sizes or gauge did it take to put the bumper together.

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