Rear cross member replacement

Rear cross member replacement


Washington, MO.
74, cj5, 304, 3 speed, project in the works
Hello boys and girls, I have a 74 CJ5 3 sp 304 that I am starting to redo shortly. One thing that I will need to replace is the rear frame cross member. They don't just give those away new for a piece of a formed channel. Does anyone know of a wallet friendly way of replacing it, besides buying a new one for $100 plus? I don't mind spending an afternoon in the shop building my own to save some money! I picked that up from my father. Thank You, Diffosjeep:cool:
I just bought some 3/16 flat stock and welded it on to the old cross member and drilled in the holes I need to mount my bumper back on. The bumper and tire carrier almost broke it off. If you weld, it's a cheaper route to go.
Purple77CJ7 has it right. If you can weld, make your own. The gas tank bolts to the rear cross member so you will have to reattach the tank. Another issue is the rear body mounts. You have those 2 things to keep in mind but it's still the cheapest route to go.
I wanted to add a little more for thought. If you do this your self remove the gas tank, safety and more room to work. That whole cross member is weak. I also welded some angle iron in for bracing from crossmember to frame, a lot easer with tank out. My bumper bolts through the angle iron. Also capped frame on top and under shackle mounts. It's like everything else, you start one thing and it leads to more work. The whole rear frame was rotten. As Busadave9 said be careful around rear body mounts so you don't melt them. Or remove them. Good Luck.
That rear cross member looks like the same one i just bought. I paid $50. for it and it was still in the box.
That rear cross member looks like the same one i just bought. I paid $50. for it and it was still in the box.

Suffice it to say, at some degree, they will all look alike, but the one you bought for $50, was it 3/16" thick ?

You know a Yugo was a car, and so was an Mercedes Benz SL500, but hardly comparable, but both look like cars...

Chinese poorly stamped 1/16" hot rolled, vs CNC bent 3/16 American Plate from Indiana. Hardly the same, although they make "look like" the same part, I mean if they bolt on the same place and support the same body mount, Im guessing they might look similar.
Quadratec sells one without holes cheaper than I could find anywhere. It was under $50

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