Rear diff cover and fill

Rear diff cover and fill

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i ma talking specifically about an '89 YJ but didn't know exactly where to post this question. I have a SOA YJ with a rear cv driveshaft. for the lift i pointed the pinion at the back of the transfer case (just like suggested for a cv driveshaft) and welded on the spring perches. this is my first SOA so here is the question. with the amount of lift that i have, the new angle of the rear end and the new position of the fill plug in the differential, how do i get enough oil in the rear end? the fill hole is now well below where the fluid needs to be. i have searched for an aftermarket diff cover especially for a SOA but have not found anything. could i drill and tap the cover above the fill level? please give me your suggestions.
You could always cut a hole a little higher and use the rubber plugs chrysler uses on their diffs to fill the hole. "One word of caution though , make sure the pinion tail bearing still receives adequate oil . An over-fill may be required, overfilling the differential may cause a problem with foaming of the differential fluid. Adding about a cup of a Dextron type II automatic transmission fluid to your gear oil will lower the surface tension of the oil and should help control the foaming" The last quote is from Tom Woods website.
the rubber plug idea has crossed my mind. is there any way to calculate how much fluid is needed to get adequate oiling based on the angle or, should i just overfill it by a little and if it foams add the suggested ATF? now that you posted the reply i remember reading the quote on the TW website when i was doing my research. Thanks.
Main idea is to not starve the pinion bearing of oil. Measure how much you lifted the front of the diff. up and try to get the fluid level around there.
I'd weld up the old hole and weld in a pipe bung where you need it in the cover. But thats just me.

How much of an angle is your diff. in its new position?
pics might be helpful.

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