Rear main seal leak

Rear main seal leak


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1980 something cj7,Gm 350,sm465,dana300 narrowed 60/14 bolt, mtr's on h1 wheels detroits and 4.10s
I am having a bit of trouble keeping my rear main sealed up. I've replaced it three times and still a drip also I've used both types of seals (pipe cleaner and silicone and rubber (x) type. I know this is not a Chrysler site but I've had no luck anywhere else. Any ideas ? Yeah I know i shoulda kept it "jeep"
No that one looks like a 318/348/360 seal the 440s were two semi circles like a small block Chevy and two pieces of rubber like material with an x profile that wen in the slots of the lower half seal appliance to seal it with the block. I believe that is we're it's leaking from. Those are supposed too swell and seal up. I can't get mine to do that.
Ok sorry. I have no experience on those and dont want to lead you down the wrong path. Im sure someone else will chime in. :)

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