Rear Seat Brackets for CJ7

Rear Seat Brackets for CJ7


Denver, CO
Current - 1978 J20 401 auto, 1981 CJ7 304 5 speed and 2007 JK Uunlimited Rubicon all running 35" or 37" tires
Previous -1979 CJ7, 1984 CJ7, 1984 CJ7, 1997 TJ, 1990 YJ
Anyone know where I can get a set of rear seat brackets for the fixed type?

I have an 84 and need to secure the seat I just got.

I went to the jeep graveyard and got a rear seat and mount out of I believe 87 wrangler that fits the cjs bolts in and the back of the seat folds down then the whole seat rolls forward gives you room if you need to take the dog ice chest ect. If you need to take it out there are 2 cotter pins you pull out and the seat comes out. No more bolts.

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