Rear Tank on 68' CJ?

Rear Tank on 68' CJ?


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Came accross this rear mounted gas tank on craigslist for cheap. Will a post 72' rear tank fit on a pre 72' CJ frame? Or are the frames different widths? A tank under my *** makes me feel a little uneasy. I know I will have to to a little cutting on the rear corner panel and do a little filler tube routing. :dunno:

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I'm in progress of the same thing only thing is I have a 11 gal tank from a postal jeep so fitting is a little easier in the 3b originally was going to run 2 of these tanks 1 on either side in front of rear axle till I found the right side would have interfered with drive shaft filler will be going in the rear wheel well so its not visible

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