Rear tub mounting holes

Rear tub mounting holes


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(poor thing needs a little bit of time and a few kind words)
So, I have removed the tub from the body; and only broke one bolt in the process by the way!:chug:
I was wondering if the rear frame component can be rebuilt on just the ends, or if it would be better to replace the whole back component? See pics:

Going to make this a "when I'm not in my company supplied vehicle daily driver" and have some concerns with integrity of chopping the ends of that frame off and replacing vs. replacing the whole frame end section with new steel.

Let me have some thoughts on this to mull over please?

I think you would be better off just replacing the whole crossmember. And I think it would be easier.
Looks like you have a bunch of stuff going on behind ( to the rear) the cross member. If the rest of the cross member is ground and sound, I'd just repair the mount are. Either way your in for some welding. :D
I saw once on the web a guy selling some rear cross members that where thicker than stock that would be awesome otherwise I would say just get a new one :chug:
I would say to remove the old and put a new entire crossmember back on, especially if that afro engineered bumper is going back on!
looks like someone's been welding on it before. I see some chicken s#$t welds.
looks like someone's been welding on it before. I see some chicken s#$t welds.

Unfortunately they look like factory welds. I've seen some pretty bad welds on the CJ frames. Definitely not done by AWS certified welders. . .

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