Build Thread Rebuild of a CJ-5

Build Thread Rebuild of a CJ-5


Oregon here. Working on frame off rebuild of my 76 CJ5 . I got this jeep in 1982 while in high school. have completed the engine work so far, AMC 304 ci stroked out to a 333 with a mild cam and a 4 brl edelbrock carb and in frame headers. The entire body has been sand blasted as has the frame. All I have to do is finish some minor body work and slap the whole thing back together. I will replace the entire suspesion with a 3 lift and a 1 inch body lift, fuel lines, wire harness and all gauges. The jeep will have an ACME hard top on it once I fabricate new latches.

I have cherished this Jeep since my youth and I can still say I own the first rig I ever purchased.

Show us?
By "stroked" do you mean you have installed a different crank?
Welcome aboard first off :chug: bring on the before and during pictures the suspense is killing us:D
Welcome :)

You should have some good old photos of her in stock condition then. Bring them on!
By "stroked" do you mean you have installed a different crank?
Yes a stroked engine has a different crankshaft to push the pistons up higher and lower into the engine. Then the pistons are replaced with lower profile pistons and the connecting rods are also nonstock.
Yes, I installed an after market crank with low profile pistons. Hence it creates a longer stroke on the pistons in turn more cubic inches are produced. I will work on figuring out how to post a few pictures once I get the time. Thanks for the kind remarks.
And the pictures are :confused: I think we all are :drool: to see these pictures ;)
Who made the crank, rods and pistons? Any part numbers?
Hey guys in the process of the rebuild of my 74 CJ5 . Purchased thinking it was ready to go but as im sure you could guess it was not. The previous owners idea of restoring was slapping body filler over rust and welding floor pans over rusted pans supports. I eventually gave up on the tub after sandblasting because the time and money involve no longer made sense. I was determined to by fiberglass but wanted to find the best deal possible. So i drove from southwest indiana to central michigan to pick up a used tub. When I got there I found the tub had been cut at the firewall and transmission tunnell im assuming for v8 distributor and different trans. I figured a patch would be easy enough. When i got it home and inspected further i found the floors to be reinforced with marine grade plywood that was glassed over. So then i cut out all of the old wood and fiberglass replacing with 3/4 inch marine grade plywood and glassed over it. I also had to patch the holes in the fire wall trans tunnel and all of the wholes in the floor from various seat arrangements. I then reallized I have no way to mount it to the frame. I am currently in the process of fabricating mounts. Looking at old pictures and looking at it now kinda makes me wanna cry :(
ive tried to upload pics but im not sure it worked
Rust Sucks! Well at least you can patch up the glass and hopefully not have to worry about it again.
Hi Brit, where from Oregon are you? Im rebuilding a '59 CJ5 and we're in Redmond.

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