Regulator? What is this thing?

Regulator? What is this thing?


Choctaw, OK
1984 CJ7 Laredo with 4.2L 258 AMC 6 cylinder engine and factory rear locker. Awaiting restoration.
2001 XJ Limited with Zone 4 inch suspension, custom air intake, Terraflex track bar, full size spare, etc etc...
Tryin to figure out what this is:

Looking at a late CJ wiring schematic, it is a cruise control module. There is also a cruise control switch and servo to go with it. It is powered by the accy fuse.
Hmmm, interesting. When I first looked at it I saw "DANA Corp" on it and thought it was something to do with the axles or t-case or a locker or something...
What are the different adjustments on the side for do you know?

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