Replacing Door Weatherstripping

Replacing Door Weatherstripping


Parkton, MD
1986 Jeep CJ7, 360 AMC V-8 engine, 3 speed manual transmission
Does anyone know where I can find instructions on replacing the weatherstripping on a '86 CJ7 door w/ a movable vent? I know I can probably figure it out, but was looking for tricks of the trade. Txs
What part of the weatherstripping?

The big piece that goes around the door is pretty straight forward. The two pieces on either side of the main window aren't too bad to do, but they require a decent amount of patience and maybe some of those plastic molding tools. They are held in with metal clips to keep them from falling down in to the door. As for the weatherstripping around the vent window, you're going to have to tear the entire door apart to get at that. The track for the main window is also has the vent widonw attached to it. You will have to take the main window out to get the vent window out.
As Elwood said, the weather seal around the door is easy. Use needle nose pliers to pull the plastic anchors that hold the seal in place out of the door. Then install the new seal pushing the new anchors into place. Take your time and double check your fit before you start locking the anchors in place.

The triangular weather seal in the vent window assembly cannot be replaced, or at least there is no aftermarket replacement available that I could find. You can replace the ENTIRE vent window assembly for a couple hundred a piece if memory serves correctly, but that's way overkill.

Here are some basic pics of the screws and bolts needed to be removed to get the vent window assembly out. But as Elwood said again, you're going to have to break down the entire door and remove the window.***

Not a hard job, but def a minimum of a couple hours for each door. Take pics of everything as you remove them so you can put it all back together.

I would suggest also pulling your locking mechanism and giving it a good clean then re-grease.

***A word of caution for you. The last pic is of the (un)locking mechanism bar inside the door frame held in place by a white grommet. There is a reflection making it look like there are 2 in the pic. BE VERY CAREFUL REMOVING THAT FROM THE CLIP! That's 25 year old plastic and it's brittle. If you do break it, you can replace it with a rubber grommet from ACE hardware.

I used this kit from Omix-Ada for each of my doors.

Omix-Ada Door Weather Seal Kits for Jeep - Jeep Door Weather Seal Kits - Jeep Doors and Accessories - Jeep Tops & Jeep Top Accessories - by 4 Wheel Drive
I only know this because I bought them thinking that I could make them work on my non-movable vent windows on my doors... They don't icon_smile_shakehead.png.

Awesome pics of the door refurb, I wish when I did mine I would have taken that many pictures.
The best way to fix door weatherstripping is to remove the doors and through them in the back of the garage never to be seen again. you donr need doors there overrated:D
This could not have been brought up at a better time. My window weaterstripping is badly corroded due to many years in the sun and snow. Thanks for the photos as I will be working on them this week.
The Scrambler has been a good project for this very snowy winter. New sheet metal for the bed and cab is in place.
When I can figure out how to upload progress photos I will do that.

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