replacing spider gears on dana 27

replacing spider gears on dana 27
1955 Jeep Willys CJ5 (327 chevy smallblock)
So I can't win. Just had the rear Dana 44 gone through because of a loud noise which turned out to be a bad carrier bearing that took out the carrier. Now today I was looking at my front differential and there was a hole in it about the size of a pencil (looked like it was going out). I took off the cover and a tooth on the spider gear was gone. I would like to change the gears myself to cut down on the cost but don't know exactly how to do it. Any help would be greatly appriceated. Thanks
I assume we are talking about an open diff.
Places like Randy's Ring & Pinion have kits to rebuild the diff. The kit comes with axle and spider gears. I could not find a kit for your '55 Dana 44. But I found kits for Dana 44s in the '70s. The difference is the number of splines on the axle and axle gears. I would think the spider gears are the same but you would have to call Randy's Ring & Pinion to make sure.
Do you have this service manual? if not you need it.
You can buy replacement spider gears made by Omix from all the Jeep aftermarket suppliers but Omix is junk, with some effort you will be able to find NOS parts from willystech parts board or maybe Pete Debella jeep parts. Try posting a wanted add on the willystech board.
Sorry about that didnt make it very clear. The front dana 27 has a chipped spider gear.
It was clear to me. Same applies above^ The important part is getting the right spline count but the 27 may not have all the variations that the 44 has? Best to pull it apart and see.
There is a guy on Willystech who has lot's of NOS early gear sets and axle parts.
I would just swap it out for a narrow track 30 with disc brakes.
I would just swap it out for a narrow track 30 with disc brakes.
That might make sense, I was thinking you were more original oriented but seeing you have a GM V8 in there It seems logical.
Were's Baja at? he's done this with his.

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