replacing turn signal wiring harness

replacing turn signal wiring harness


Salt Lake City
i own a 1987 CJ7 that needs a new turn signal wiring harness and indicator switch. Anyone here ever taken off the steering wheel a replaced it? How?:confused:
Not hard to do.

Pull the steering wheel off. There's the switch.

I removed all the wires from the plug, tied another wire on them and pulled it all out fromthesteering wheel side.

Good luck.
The hardest part is getting the horn piece off and on. You will need to compress the spring and get the circlip off of the shaft and again compress the spring to get the clip back on.
here is a link to the discussion from when I asked for help there is a link here for the Autozone Repair Guides and you will find the breakdown;

I used a CROWN Switch that works well, good luck.

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