Rhino lining vs. rust inhibitors..

Rhino lining vs. rust inhibitors..


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i recently acquired a new to me tub and it hardly has any rust. I'm thinking about using some type of rust inhibitor on the frame and some type of rhino liner on the under side of the tub before I put it back on the frame. I intend to line the inside before I reinstall to the frame. Cost being some what of factor since I'm not made of $$$. On the under side and frame I'm thinking some protection of sorts is better than none. On the inside I want to use something that will hold color and texture and is a good bang for the buck. I also will replace the body mounting hardware and bushings. So the questions are..what do ya'll think? what would you use as rust inhibitor? as rhino line? What else is worth looking into at this time? Who makes a good body mounting kit?

BTW, a big ?. This is a 89YJ tub I'm putting on to a 86CJ. What else is gonna trip me up? I know that I have to make a hose fill hole on the back right corner instead of its current position.
Por15 and rust encapsulators pretty much bond and seal rust. I don't believe linings are designed to do that.
Pictures are posted in the CJ Build Forum.

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