roll bar and glove box

roll bar and glove box


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A trivial question but here it is anyway. for you guys with 6 point roll cages especially in CJ5's. did you loose the glove box as in is it closed never to open again or just a hole with no door??:confused:
I got lucky with mine. The door will barely open by twisting the door away from the cage as it opens.
The new dash is getting the door moved over about an inch to allow for that!
No glovebox for me...


The PO had installed this cage before my roommate bought his CJ5. I will see if we can contact him and figure out where he purchased it.

Sorry about the quality of the pics, Iphone really needs a flash!
good shots especially for an I Phone. I like this bar, haven't seen one with the bar across the dash before.
My bar is in the way also. I just took the door off.

It also has the bar across the dash. will get a pic for you later.

Well mine isn't as nice as CJ's but heres a pic. hard to tell it's in the way here.

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good shots especially for an I Phone. I like this bar, haven't seen one with the bar across the dash before.

Yeah, it's pretty sturdy with that extra bar over the dash. I'm trying to find another cage just like it for my other CJ5, so I'll keep you all posted if I find one.
can you take the windshield bolt out??:confused:

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