Roll Bar Padding (Old Style)

Roll Bar Padding (Old Style)


South Carolina
1977 CJ7, 304 ,3 speed
I am new to the CJ world. Thanks to you all for your posts on this website. I've have already picked up tons of useful information.

I have a 1977 CJ7 with the roll bars that sit on top of the rear fender wells. Does anyone know where i can find padding and covers for this style of roll bars? I would like to use the Bestop or Rugged zip on type covers, but these all appear to be for the newer style roll bars. Any help?

Theres always using pipe insulation covered with electrical tape. This provides padding for when you bang your head on those things, its also the inexpensive way to go.
I believe it was Rampage or Rugged Trail that I seen yesterday while searching for roll bar padding in a 2" size, but I don't know what type of bar it was for. I don't want the zippered sleeve so I didn't pursue those hits any further. If I run across any though I'll let you know.

On the same subject but a different question, has anyone ran across colored (blue) padding with a 2" I.D.? I'm only finding 1.5-1.75" I.D. 1 pc. stuff. Any 2" stuff was 2 pc. and black.

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