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South Carolina
1973 Cj5 71 AMC 360 4 spd Manual Front & Rear lockers,
1999 F250 extended cab 5spd Triton V10
Alright I finally got my engine and my tranny pulled from the jeep and the tub is coming off tomorrow I hope. I'm working this jeep whenever I can. My question with the body rust work is can the mounts to the frame from the tub be bought and welded on instead of fabbing the tub to frame mounts. I got a guy with tons of metal fab exp and he is teaching me to weld, bc I had very little exp with it. He said he thinks he can make them but it be quicker if we could buy them and just weld them in. I've checked morris and jcwhitney but can't find anything for what I need. Just little back knowledge Ive only got like 5 places holding the tub to the frame. The mounts that I'm wanting to buy are the body to frame mounts under the firewall. I 'm going to replace the front and rear floor pans and also both rocker panels and some patch work on the round back panels.
You might have to build the mounts. I did some looking on Internet and can only find the weld on frame mounts for the body. I probably found the same stuff as you did.Maybe someone else can help find tub tabs. Found some other forums and they all say you will have to fab your own tabs.
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It's not clear if your looking for the frame part of the mount or the body part of the mount. Either way, qtec has the frame mounts Advanced Frame Works BDMNTS 6 - Replacement Frame-to-Body Mounts for 76-86 Jeep® CJ-5 & CJ-7 - Quadratec and some of the body mounts are available at Classic Enterprises Classic Enterprises - Restoration, Reproduction Parts for Studebaker, Jeep & Ford see the front toeboard support for the one under the cowl area, and the tailgate end support for the rearmost area.
I need the ones that would be on the tub, the frame isn't in bad shape but the tub has definitely seen better days. Will ones for the newer cj 76 up work for my 73?

Get in touch with Classic Industries go to there web page............PA Renegade has a link on his post a few numbers back.........they have a ton of replacement sheet metal for the bodies. Nice stuff.
Vick - Go to their site via the link and along the left side you can pick the section you need by year. It looks like they have what you need.
Thanks I went to there website, I'm going to talk to my buddy and see if he wants me to buy any panels off there website or just make what he needs. I'm goin to leave it up to him b/c I have a little money for metal. Thank yall.

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