rust in floorboard

rust in floorboard


colorado springs
1982 cj7 all stock. has the inline 6 with a five speed tranny.
i have a 1982 cj7 and recently took the carpet out to wash it. when i did i found a pretty good size area rusted through on the drivers area where your feet would go. my question is what would be the best way to fix it. cut out an even square and weld in some metal or or what?? would like to get it fixed so my feet dont fall through. this area is the only place that has rust. the rest of the body is in good shape. thanks!!
Several companies make weld in replacement floor panels. Some fit better than others.....but if its just a small area I would just patch it. It will be a lot less work.
If your going to put the carpet back in , buy a section of "snap lock duct" at the Home despot and cut, drill and pop rivet it to the floor and cover it back up.

This gives you time to learn how to do it permanently:cool:

If you are not going to use carpet, buy the replacement panels and remove and replace the entire side of the floor board.:D
Cut the area out, big enough to be cutting good thick metal. Get some 16ga. sheetmetal and weld it back in place. Then, and this is the important part, clean and treat the underside of the whole floor area or it will just continue to rust and your new patch will just drop out due to the old metal around it rusting out. Ask me how I know?

Rust is created by water settling on the floor of your CJ. A rust preventative,floor drain and a very porous carpet would help.
the only way to stop the rust from spreading is to get rid of it completely

I would cut and patch unless it was bigger than a square foot, then I would replace the entire floor and inspect the floor bracing t see if it needs replacement also

remember cutting corners is just delaying the repair till it has become major not minor.

you can get a surprisingly good deal on small pieces of metal at your local metal supply outlet when you ask fr a remnant like 1 foot square.:chug:
yeah i am going to buy some sheet metal and patch it in. we have a 230 amp snap-on welder at work. not quite sure on how hot and what speed to run it at though.

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