83 cj5 4.2 258
I am trying to figure out what i should do about the rust on some areas where the panels come together not much rust would like to just paint over what would be the best option?
You need to remove the rust completely and prep it before you paint, otherwise it will just come back. A wire wheel or light grinding disk works well. No matter how deep the rust is, you have to get it all.
You can use a filler such as Bondo fiberglass filler for anything deep, its pretty easy to use and prep.
i have a feeling there will be a hole then what can i do? can i put a patch there even if its where to panels come together or do i have to replace the panels
Yep, you have to get it all..
In fact, after grinding, I like to flood the area with Ospho, a chemical that sort of turns rust back into metal. Or at least stops the rusting process, before I fill.

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