Rusted joints and connectors, all old CJ's

Rusted joints and connectors, all old CJ's


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MS Gulf Coast
'80 CJ7 304AMC crate with 8KMiles: MC2100 - AMC20 rear w/Superiors - Dana30 front - TF999 - Dana300TC - 35x12.5's - Tilt steer column - Flaming Rvr EZ-Steer Shaft - AGR Super Pump - AGR Super Box II - RockyRidge HD Brace - New home-designed digital TEMP - GAS - OILPR - CALIBRATE gauges.
Am getting the extreme slop out of a 1980 CJ7 with 48K showing on the odometer, running an AMC 304 against a T999 (I pull a boat mostly).

The CJ has had in the past a PO who did some nice things; braced step rails, good springs and shock mounts, nice job on lift, good body paint and a few others. But by appearances, the machine has spent some time in the water and parked; there is rust all over the steering shaft, master cylinder, fan and pwr steering pump. More puzzling, frame, body, most of the steering system below deck is clean, no rust.

The upper union between the splined steering shaft and the steering column is really tight. Soaking it now in ATF and acetone.

Question 1: Does anyone have a technique that will separate this union without destroying it or slinging blood all over the garage? I have the clamp separated, but the steering column shaft to steering shaft is what's bothering me.

Question 2: In a confined space, and there are more that have rusted unions, I only know HEAT and HAMMER as remedies. What are some other shop techniques for all y'all with more than two weeks experience on Jeeps as I have. ("Y'all" is singular..."All y'all" is plural)

Most thankful for any advice

DHugg in Gulfport, MS, where we don't worry about H1N1 virus. It takes 20 years for anything new to make its way here.

Addendum 1642hrs 23Nov:
I think I know a way! I'll find a clamp-on collar built from two metal halves of a circle. I'll clamp that collar on to the steering shaft, and use a sliding heavy metal piece; lead, brass, maybe steel, just like a removable slide hammer. I'll start in my junk box, then spread out through my neighborhood mechanic friends. In desparation, I'll even visit Goldin Industries that deals in mass quantities of scrap of all descriptions.

I will document and photograph if I have any success at all.
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you talking about the joint where the steering column comes through the firewall and attaches to the steering shaft? if so that one is normally a PITA to remove (in my experiences any way) this may have been done but it wont come all the way out without either removing the steering column a few inches or removing it off the gear box as there isnt enough play in the shaft to get it to slip off the splines
Also, unless you remove the bolt that goes through the joint completely - you will not be able to separate the shaft and the joint. There is a groove in the shaft for the bolt to lock into.
CJ, Brian, thanks for the replies. I have the bolt out at top and the clamping collar expanded and free. Since I am replacing the steering box, I am disconnecting the lower end and the steering box bracket, then taking the box off the bracket.

Patience, heat, ATF-Acetone, hammer, and repeat. I'll get it.

LMAO! A perfect example how a 35 year old piece of equipment can make us cringe! :)

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