1982 CJ-8
does anyone have a schematic blow-up picture?

I've installed a rebuilt T5 manual on my 82 CJ and cannot engage the transmission.

The throwout bearing on the fork does that go directly behind the pressure plate springs or does that sit inside the springs between the fingers and the clutch plate?
It goes on the outside so that it pushes on the fingers of the pressure plate
I installed it correctly.

I still have no clutch. I torqued the pressure plate to the flywheel, used the clutch plate alignment tool. transmission and T-case went together easily.

When I start the engine I can hear the clutch plate scraping against the flywheel as if I was riding the clutch pedal. I backed off the clutch adjustment rod to the point where the fork is almost all the way back. I cannot engage the transmission AT ALL.

After a few minutes of the engine idling it begins to smoke and it smells like asbestos.

I don't know what went wrong.

any help appreciated
Are you sure you put the clutch disc in facing the right way?
Are you sure you put the clutch disc in facing the right way?

Thats what it sounds like to me.

The hub of the disc protrudes out or away from the flywheel.

This would explain the grinding; probably rubbing on the flywheel.

The disc is probably stuck on the flywheel bolts and its smoking on the pp.

Better have a new clutch handy when you go in there.

Can you see in through the clutch fork hole?

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