Scissor Jack and Mount for your CJ

Scissor Jack and Mount for your CJ


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A quick little add-on for my ride. After all these years owning a couple of CJs (4 over 30 years), finally had a flat tire and had to change it on the side of the road. Now I've always had a Hi-Lift jack, but never used one to change a tire. What a pain. With 35" tires and a 4" lift, had to start with the jack about 1/2 way up, and then ended up near the top before the suspension flexed all the way out and the tire actually came off the ground. Not safe at all. Guess I just never really thought about it that much until it happened. Decided I needed a scissor or bottle jack I could site right under the axle or spring mount when needing to change a tire. But where/how to mount it? I visited my local salvage yard and found a 3K pound scissor jack with handles (hard to find in junk cars) and brought it home for $20.

Now for a mounting location. Decided to mount it just inside the driver door opening on the floor where two holes already exist (not sure why, both they're on both sides).


Now to build a mount. Used some scrap steel plate (left over from my Rotopax water and gas can mounting project) to make a "U" shaped bracket I could mount to these holes in the floor and use a pin to hold the jack in.

Parts.jpg Weld_Ready.jpg Welded.jpg

Now a quick test fit with the jack in the bracket and that the whole thing sits in the Jeep and lines up as planned. The jack handles are in the winch recovery gear bag in the back.

In_The_Mount.jpg Test_Fit.jpg

And off to paint.


This scissor jack fits perfectly under a spring mount and even with my 35" tires can get the tire off the ground before reaching the jacks maximum height. No more need to use the Hi-Lift on a bumper and fully extend the suspension just to lift a tire enough to change a flat. The Hi-Lift has its uses to be sure, but this will be much easier and safer if/when needed again in the future. Let's just hope I go another 30 years without a flat tire. :)
Had me scratching my head for a moment, I was sure I replied to this....just seeing double I guess lol
Had me scratching my head for a moment, I was sure I replied to this....just seeing double I guess lol
You are seeing double... I copy good ideas / posts / threads here so they can be easily found.
This brings up a question, What is the load capacity of the oem scissor jack on the inside fender under the hood? Mine has never been used, is intact, and seldom thought of. I have looked in my owners manual and online without success. I have to believe that it should handle the weight. I somewhat doubt it was meant to be used with 33 inch tires but it might. I have the hi-lift as well because I thought the scissors would be incapable. Maybe a bottle jack in the same holder would be more practical. See what happens when you read these posts. If AAA can get to me it's on them. Out in the sticks we all need options. I wasn't even thinking about this until now. I haven't had a flat in the jeep ever, either
I never liked bottle jacks, scissors seem more stable, exactly why I procured one from a full size 3/4T silverado, larger also makes it easier and faster to lift. I'll take a pic of it later. I usually like to weld a 1/2 drive socket to them, and use a long handle half inch ratchet and can always take a cordless 1/2 drive impact on long trips for quick up/down, not just for flat tires but if spinning/stuck and need to add a little something under the tire to get her going again, always carry a small board hidden somewhere in case you need a more firm surface for the jack to be placed on.
I believe the factory scissor jack is a 1.5 ton (3K pounds). I have also seen other posts where people stated they used it to change a 32" or 33" tire. I don't believe it would work on a 35" or larger though (like I have), you'd be maxed out. You could carry a block of wood to set under it though. My issue when choosing a mounting location was that I have stuff mounted on my inner fenders (relays for electric fans, fuel pressure regulator, alarm siren, etc) under the hood. So that stock location wouldn't work for me.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well, just couldn't find anywhere that gave up that info. Everything under my hood is pretty much as it came from AMC. To tell the truth, I forget that the jack is under there. It's tucked away from view for the most part. thanks for the response.
Going to find a way to mount mine to the tire carrier
I have a place on top of the carrier that accepts the hi-lift. Just an L shaped piece of metal actually. Something similar might be able to be added to yours. I'm not sure I would have much room between the carrier and the jeep. It's an after market from DirtWorx out of Utah bumper and carrier in one.
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Yea, I also thought about the tire carrier, but I already have a Hi-Lift there. No good way to have both, plus my Rotopax cans as well.


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